WORDS OF APPRECIATION BY—Ken Sharp, Dave Stapledon, Denis Woodhams, Bill Boucaut, Dave Probert, Peter Burgess, and Dave Jordan.

After several of us had composed almost identical letters, it was decided that a joint letter would be more appropriate. This was done but as soon as it was completed, a letter arrived from Peter Burgess. All who could be contacted said “We must include it”. So here is the original letter of appreciation, followed by Peter’s anecdote, and our closing words.

In the order listed above, for periods ranging from 17 to 6 years, we all worked under the supervision and guidance of Dan Moye. We remember him first as a quiet but very effective leader and teacher. By his own example and by words of advice, he showed us the need for good work habits in both field and office. He was also very physically fit, and handled the thickest scrub and steepest slopes as well as, or better than, we young ones. But most important, he was a brilliant geologist with a very good understanding of engineering issues. With this combination he had the confidence of our engineer “clients” and was able to help us become effective engineering geologists.

We remember his competitive conversation style, particularly when reviewing our report-writing efforts, eg. “You can’t say that”, “Haven’t you read that?” and “Where are the photographs?”. The late Clive Wood, who knew him longer than most of us, described him as “the tenacious unbeatable arguer.” He could make equally convincing arguments both “for” and “against” any particular issue.

He was always good-humoured, and understanding and supportive of our needs to commute regularly with our families, when working far away from home. We loved him, and were devastated when we learned of that fatal accident.

Peter Burgess has this special memory of a day during which he says he learnt the importance of subtlety and keeping one’s eye on the final outcome to be achieved. He writes:

Years ago while working at Blowering I had the temerity to knock back the opportunity to go to Prek Knot in Cambodia – I was enjoying the bachelor life in Aus. Dan flew out to Talbingo on the pretext of reviewing the Blowering Project, and over the whole course of our day together he encouraged my ego to in effect admit I had almost finished all work in the Lower Tumut. It only dawned on me, as his return plane was coming in to land, that there was no obstacle to me going to Cambodia, and Dan casually said “Then I can tell Associate Commissioner Dann that you will be going to Cambodia?” He hadn’t mentioned Cambodia all day. I simply replied “yes” knowing that I had been outfoxed by DGM – the mountain fox.

We owe him a huge debt of gratitude, and he will always be remembered by us.