Written Works

Daniel Moye wrote, or was the main author of thirty–five technical papers. A list of references to them is included.

Included also are complete copies of ‘ a selected five’ of Daniel Moye’s technical papers which were published in journals of professional societies.

In 1962, at the Third Australia-New Zealand Conference on Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, both Daniel Moye and Laurie Alexander from the Snowy presented papers about rock mechanics research done in the laboratory and underground, at the Snowy scheme. Both of these papers are included in full, with a copy of the Discussion about them, by the Conference members.

A keen member of the Cooma-Monaro Historical Society, Daniel Moye also prepared the book ‘Historic Kiandra’ which was issued in 1956, for the Kiandra Centenary Celebrations. Shown here is a copy of the cover of the original book, and a copy of the Preface to the 2005 Reprint! Also included is a copy of his chapter—Geology - in the Geehi Club book ‘Snowy Mountains Walks’