About This Website

This site was initiated by the late Dr. Clive Wood, who developed the overall plan and extracted data from the National Library. He was unable to proceed much further due to ill health, and died of cancer in 2008. Clive’s widow, Jill Wood, passed all of Clive’s draft material to David Stapledon.

Clive Wood and David Stapledon

Clive and David each worked under Dan Moye’s guidance for more than 12 years. Between 1952 and 1956 they formed a 4-man team with Field Assistants Reg Barnett and Gil Shaw, working away from home each week, mostly in remote areas and living in either tents or small huts.

The team broke up when Clive took special leave & obtained his PhD in soil mechanics at Imperial College, London. During this time David spent 6 months in Scotland, Europe and North America, studying construction and support methods for tunnels and underground buildings.

On his return Clive contributed to the Snowy’s rock bolting research, and David was responsible for geological work during construction of the Upper Tumut works. Then in the early 1960’s they both worked in the Snowy’s Mekong River Investigation Team, in Cambodia, Thailand and Laos.

All of this with the support and blessing of ‘Uncle Dan’.

(left to right) Gil Shaw, Reg Barnett, Dave Stapledon & Clive Wood in 1955

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